Students Won’t Redistribute GPA?

The Democrats, the youth, and many educators in America are screaming about taxing the rich and redistributing the wealth. Because it’s those evil rich that are hurting us all! (A small caveat here, there are some super-rich folks like George Soros who are seriously causing harm to this country, but you won’t hear the left crow about them. It’s not their wealth that’s the problem, it’s their actions.) Here we see a bunch of college students that won’t redistribute their GPA? The principal is the same. 88% of American millionaires are first-generation, there’s no theft in American society from the lower class, it’s actually the other way around. Facts are stubborn things.

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Filed under Contradictions of the Left

2 responses to “Students Won’t Redistribute GPA?

  1. jbh

    dumbest thing I ever heard, maybe these guys should redistribute some IQ points.

  2. Atom&Yves

    This video points out that students who tout the ‘redistributive change’ mantra are either ignorant of its source and impact or, hypocrites. I’ve emailed this video to several people and posted it on my Facebook page. Thank you, CTA, for posting it here.

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