Teacher Calls Tea Party Leader A Nazi

This was posted on The Blaze today, and we thought we would share it here. If you’re curious, Johnathon Bryant is his name and he teaches at John F. Kennedy High School.




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3 responses to “Teacher Calls Tea Party Leader A Nazi

  1. criolle johnny

    If your argument has no merit, call the opposition names.
    As an educator, I am frequently appalled, (but not surprised) when liberals confuse conservative right wing politics with “Nazi”. For the record, HITLER was a SOCIALIST. He nationalized health care, nationalized the auto industry (sound familiar), and nationalized education.
    It’s like calling a Klansman a “commie”. You offend him, but not the way you think … if there is any thinking.

  2. Mr. G

    The connection between the expulsion of human beings from schools and society can be made. If you were present at the seminar you would know how discriminatory these tea party members were towards undocumented residents. I for one applaud Jonathan Bryant for exercising his first amendment right and getting his students politically aware of a situation that may effect them or someone they know.

  3. Joe

    Having no real argument always leads to ad-hominem attacks.

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