Calif. Teacher Punishes Students for Saying ‘God Bless You’

We found this one a bit outrageous and wanted to share it with you. It comes from Billy Hallowell over at The Blaze.

When someone sneezes, a common response is, “God bless you.” But one California teacher finds this statement so offensive and disruptive that he’s working to cut back on its usage in the classroom.

Steve Cuckovich, a health teacher at William C. Wood High School in Vacaville, California, has attempted to banish the friendly gesture, as he believes it is both disrespectful and disruptive. To punish students who do, indeed, say “God bless you” after one of their classmates sneezes, he purportedly knocks 25 points off of their grade.

Make sure you read the rest, because it gets a little more outrageous…

The real problem with this is how much it flies in the face of sound educational assessment. Grades are meant to reflect a student’s academic performance. If you want to email this educator and tell him how disappointed you are in his lack of understanding with regards to educational assessment, just click this link: Steve Cuckovich email.



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11 responses to “Calif. Teacher Punishes Students for Saying ‘God Bless You’

  1. Toni

    This teacher is an idiot. I kind of resent the labels of “liberal teacher” and “California teacher”.

    I consider myself a touch on the liberal side of moderate but do not see this man as a liberal as much as a bigoted idiot. Most California teachers are hard working, dedicated educators and are probably as disgusted with Cuckovich’s actions as you are.

  2. well its kinda annoying when someone sneezes and like 10 other students start saying ” bless you ” we are all teenagers and we all want to get a way frustrate the teacher . SO a lot of student say ” bless you” to get the teacher mad .

  3. Bob Slossberg

    Mr Cuckovich is a dedicated teacher who has given over 35 years to his students and community. He is a father of 3, all of which graduated from Catholic high schools. RELIGION is not the issue. The only issue is 14-15 year olds faking a sneeze and several kids yelling “BLESS YOU! A game played to disrupt the class. Support the teacher for not putting up with students games. Do not be so quick to crucify a real asset to the town of Vacaville.

    • It sounds like classroom management and discipline is a major issue for this teacher. That’s a pretty ridiculous assertion.

      • Steve Wright

        I taught with Steve Cuckovich for over 30 years and I have been in his classroom hundreds of times. I assure you he has NO problems with classroom management or student discipline. What is being lost in all of this is that teachers have the responsibility to ensure that ALL students have the right to learn in an orderly classroom. This is NOT a religious issue. It is a group who feel it is funny to disrupt the classroom and infringe on the rights of others to learn. Go observe, first hand, and then write your story.

    • I agree 100% with Bob. Listening to all these other people-no wonder our educational system is tanked. Please, this is not a classroom control issue, this is about teenagers pushing the limits. And by the looks of things they have accomplished their end goal. When you go to school–you are there to learn. You could not be disruptive in a business meeting and get away with it. Put the blame where it belongs–the kids. Their parents need to act like parents and explain that education is a privilege–respect it.

  4. criolle johnny

    Even his name is Cucko.

  5. Teachers need to be able to discipline so I think a different method needs to be implemented here as it should not affect the final mark of a student. Perhaps introduce a research project for the student who says “God bless you” and have the student find out where the saying originated and have it backed up by Scripture! Some extra reading, research, writing and presenting the topic of “God Bless You” may start some different type of conversation in the classroom and improve communication skills as well.

  6. carlene lancey

    As usual the conservatives are making an issue out of nothing. Even Jesus would be disgusted by you! Mr. Cucovich is one of the best teachers at this school. His dedication to the students is amazing. Shame, shame, shame on all of you!

  7. I agree with Carlene and the unknown who also gave his comment. We’re not in the position to judge the person because we don’t know him personally and of course… sometimes the media is just over-reacting on some issues just to have something to talk about on Twitter or Facebook.

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