Recommended Reads 10/2/2011

Our 2nd installment of our recommended reads.

Common Core Standards

This is one of the better pieces we have seen written on the problems of Common Core Standards. It was written by the Alabama Policy Institute

In less than three years, the Obama Administration has taken over financial institutions, two car companies, the energy sector and health care. Now, with the help of some Republican governors and school board members, the Obama Administration is on the verge of taking over education.

Common Core is the latest attempt to expand the reach of federal government even more broadly into our daily lives. Common Core, which was reportedly conceived by the National Association of Governors, was originally presented to the states as an effort to develop consistency in state curriculums for college and workforce readiness. Theoretically, the Common Core standards will improve education outcomes and increase transparency and accountability.

With Waivers, National Standards Anything but Voluntary

The biggest lie in education right now is that the Common Core National Standards are “state driven.” Yeah, maybe in terms of their creation, but not in their implementation.

Supporters of the Common Core national standards push are becoming increasingly wary of Washington’s entanglement with what the Obama Administration has been trying to sell as “voluntary.”

Get Ready: Conservatives Are About to Support the Federal Takeover of Schools

Did you watch the Presidential debate last week? If you did, you saw Mitt Romney’s answer/non-answer on supporting Arne Duncan’s Race to the Top. Mitt Romney and his running to the left on issues demonstrates who he really is. Every other candidate on that stage had the courage to say they would greatly downsize the Department of Education or outright eliminate it. Telling isn’t it?

After Mitt Romney attacked Rick Perry for joining Milton Friedman in calling social security a “ponzi scheme”, conservative intellectuals in the DC-NY corridor suddenly began treating Friedman as John Maynard Keynes’ bastard love child with Karl Marx and rejecting all calls to reform social security because Rick Perry dared to call it a ponzi scheme.

Considering the behavior of conservative intellectuals in Washington and New York on that issue, get ready for them to support a federal take over of elementary and secondary schools because Mitt Romney today came out in favor of Barack Obama’s Race to the Top and Arne Duncan’s education reforms.

NCLB Waivers With Strings: Another Federal Overreach Into Education

Unreal. TN School District Tells Coaches Not to Bow Heads During Prayer

Now they’re telling us that we can’t bow our heads.
Football coaches in Sumner County, Tennessee, are in trouble for bowing their heads during a student-led prayer.


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  1. I also like for information about CCCSSI.
    You can find good videos there from Heritage, Cato and others.

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