John Stossel-Teaching Capitalism in Schools

Hat tip to the Missouri Education Watchdog for finding this video. Don’t show this to your average Occupy Wall Street protestor, their head will explode.

Imagine that, capitalism works and raises people out of poverty, they just have to work for it. Man, that’s so cruel.



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2 responses to “John Stossel-Teaching Capitalism in Schools

  1. This is great. I am on several websites that want public education over and out. My question to you is – how can a marxist education system produce American teachers? I want to privatize education. What do you think about that?

    • Barbara,

      That’s a pretty complex question. We haven’t take a solid position on privatization for a couple of reasons. First, if you understand the constitution, you would know that education is left up to the individual states. So, we don’t want to claim to speak for all 50 states and conservatives in each of those states. Second, the problem with public education does not lie in the fact that it’s public. The problem lies in the intrusion of the Federal government into the states and the ridiculous demands of many unions around the nation. You actually may want to do a little historical research, public education has been a part of this country in some form since it’s founding, even Thomas Jefferson, arguably one of our most libertarian founders, was a supporter and defender of public education in his state of Virginia.

      We don’t intend to be rude by this comment, but you need to realize that total privatization of public schools is an unrealistic idea. Too many Americans believe in the system, and you’re not going to convince enough of them of your cause. Instead of running from our public education system, conservatives ought to get more involved in it at the local level. When was the last time you attended your local school board meeting? Do you know who is on your state education committee in your state house and senate? Do you know who is on the state board of education? We need to focus on things that can be changed. One of the things that reasonable liberals and conservatives in public education understand is that the Federal government is too intrusive into our schools. The opposition to NCLB is a primary example of this. Teachers are leaving unions in large numbers where they can. Focus on getting the unions out of your schools if you live in a state where they have any pull when it comes to education.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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