The Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act

“Education reform” is kind of like a football. Whoever is in the majority in the congress can be seen as having possession of the football. Right now it’s the Republicans in the House of Representatives. And as “education reform” usually goes, the Republicans have decided that the only thing important is scoring a touchdown, in this case that means passing something that shows they do not hate children, or something.  The Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act can be seen as the most recent play in that football game. We here at CTA are conservatives and believe that the Federal government ought to get out of education. Many Republicans believe this, or at least it seems they do as long as they are running for office, once they are in Washington it is “put me in coach, I’m ready to play!” Republicans claim they love the constitution, maybe for once on the issue of education they could start acting like it. Instead they come up with proposals that continue to tell the states what and how on the issue of education. See for yourself:



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  1. Anngie1984

    Full of ed reform catch phrases like “improve students performance” and “access to a first rate teacher.” Sorry Mike, but your kids and grandkids did well in school most likely because of your wife and daughters efforts to continue to nurture them at home (oh, yeah and a little of your genes.) I’m sure those women appreciate your crediting some strangers for your progeny’s success. Education is an opportunity that must be taken, not a right that can be forced on people. And ask your daughter whether she thinks her degrees and time in classroom make her a better teacher than the 5 week-trained TFA teachers who are competing for her job. I bet she thinks that it that instance they do. What an insult to local school districts who have been working to provide good teachers and innovative ideas all along. The Feds have only made their job more difficult, not lighted the way.

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