The Injustices of Social Justice Curriculum

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Historians study the impact that each social and political policy has had on any given society. Citizens and professionals live their lives day-to-day relying on the ethics and intellectual integrity of the experts in their professions. Even casual educational historians realize that the field of education has experienced an effluent change in focus which, if studied seriously, most teachers would find shocking. As stewards of our profession, teachers must become educational historians and objectively analyze the impact social and political policies are having on their classrooms. Social justice ideology is an educational directive that should be scrutinized by those whose effectiveness will be influenced by it.

Social justice curricula were developed by college professors and self-proclaimed theorists who believed that American’s focus on individualism created injustices in public education and society. They openly declared war on the traditional role of education which has been to maintain Christian traditions and perpetuate social order. Their modern-day followers need Americans to accept the destruction of traditional American values before their idea of social justice can occur. The result has been social INJUSTICE, the destruction of public education, and the systematic dismantling of our American republic, the most moral and productive form of government ever developed.

The destruction began in the1900s when John Dewey, a progressive philosopher and educator; and George Counts, an outspoken socialist and Reconstructionist, challenged teachers to replace the development of each student’s individual talents with a focus on social justice. Even the HADBOOK OF SOCIAL JUSTICE IN EDUCATION, a text edited by William Ayers and others and used in colleges to prepare teachers, states that “Counts argued that society would not become a socially just entity until students were taught to counter the conservative school order with a more radical education that promoted social change.” Thus began the decline of the educational system where the study of academics was replaced with the study of social issues. Educators removed conservative resource materials from school libraries, implemented the destructionist form of history instruction, participated in the institutionally accepted bullying of anyone advocating conservative principles, and witnessed and rationalized an increase in behavioral problems accompanied by the rapid decline of academic excellence.

The decline of the middle class and the destruction of the educational system are direct results of this educational philosophy. No longer was the educator expected to help each student develop the skills he would need to become a contributing member of society. No longer were students taught respect for our republican form of government or pride in our country. These values were replaced with a focus on identifying the flaws of our society and unjustly blaming those flaws on the American form of government and the Judeo-Christian foundations of that government. Acceptance of this ideology was needed before a group of pseudo-intellectual social misfits could destroy the most successful form of government ever created.

Instead of holding this group accountable for the resulting destruction, citizens have been slowly manipulated to adopt policies of tolerance. The problem is that too many cannot find the line between tolerance and acceptance. Succumbing to “politically correct” approaches has allowed progressives to destroy our educational system with impunity.

Alex de Tocqueville, author of Democracy in America, visited the United States in 1831 and described America as he found it then. “Every citizen receives the elementary notion of human knowledge; he is taught, moreover, the doctrines and the evidences of his religion, the history of his country, and the leading features of its Constitution. …it is extremely rare to find a [person] imperfectly acquainted with all these things.” The “elementary notion of human knowledge” includes the study of grammar and literature which resulted in the beautifully written letters by Civil War soldiers. Could anyone honestly make similar statements about current graduates of public education?

During the 1800s, the American middle class was the largest and wealthiest of any developed country. Present political and educational policies of social justice have played a major role in the destruction of the middle class.

Educators must demand accountability from the educational experts whose ideologies are imposed upon the profession. Teachers must demand to be respected as professionals. They must demand that accountability policies afford them the professional courtesy of selecting the teaching ideologies that are to be implemented in their classrooms and which determine results. Accountability without self-determination is a most punitive form of injustice.


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