UPDATED: North Carolina Teacher yells at student because of a question he asked about Obama!

Parents, if you have a kid that sits in a classroom like this, give them a recording device and tell them to hit record.. This comes out of North Carolina and shows you how political indoctrination occurs in our classrooms. Kudos to the young man for doing this. A classroom should be a safe place for ideas to be exchanged; it is not a place for an adult bully to push a political agenda and yell down a student who disagrees.

The original news article this comes from:

Video stirs debate on teacher’s actions in North class

Update 5/21/2012: The teacher in question has been suspended by her district. Once again, parents, do not lay idly by as your kids are treated this way. When they start seeing this happen, change will come.



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7 responses to “UPDATED: North Carolina Teacher yells at student because of a question he asked about Obama!

  1. M. Barton

    She is a Social Studies teacher?

    How many people were arrested for saying “bad things” about Pres. Bush?

    As a former North Carolina public school teacher, I am appalled.

  2. Kelly Wateland

    Totally biased and naive teacher!

  3. david james

    …and this is the quality of teachers we have in classrooms in this country?

    • IM2L844

      This is all because teachers are underpaid and overworked. Let’s give her a pay raise and cut her work load. That will solve the problem. Think of the children!

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  5. I found a video of a teacher making fun of McCain in 2008. I wonder if it’s the same person?

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