We The People 9-17 Essay Contest

David Barton mentioned this and us in a tweet yesterday. (If you don’t know who David Barton is, you need to learn!) Constituting America is a group that was founded by Janine Turner (former TV actress). They have an essay contest for every level of school. We just thought you might want to check it out.


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One response to “We The People 9-17 Essay Contest

  1. Thank you for the post! This is Cathy Gillespie, co-chair of Constituting America. In addition to the essay category for high school and middle school, our contest for students includes best poem & artwork for K-5; song and essay for middle school (6-8); essay, song, psa & short film for high school; speech, song, psa & short film for college & law school students! Contest entries due July 4th, and kids can win prizes, a trip to Philadelphia and a chance to star in a documentary like this one: http://www.constitutingamerica.org/film2011 – rules & info here: http://www.constitutingamerica.org/downloads.php

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