#Conservative #Teachers Arise! #StandWithWalker #TCTOT #education #edchat

The final vote totals have not been counted, but the race has officially been called. Scott Walker has survived the challenge from the union thugs in Wisconsin. Conservative teachers need to recognize that there is a huge implication for them. For far too long conservatives have kept quiet in our profession. To often we refuse to stand up to the union thugs and we let them control the discussion. Conservative teachers need to stand up and be heard. Do not let the union speak for you, speak for yourself. If you live in a state where you are forced to be in a union. Get active and demand that your freedoms be respected.

A huge thanks goes out to the PEOPLE of Wisconsin. Congratulations to Governor Walker!



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2 responses to “#Conservative #Teachers Arise! #StandWithWalker #TCTOT #education #edchat

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