An Open Letter to Educators

This is a very interesting video. The young man pictured in it points out some interesting points about our schools, especially our colleges. We would love to know what you think?



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4 responses to “An Open Letter to Educators

  1. susano98

    I couldn’t force myself to watch the whole thing. Why does he ape Rush Limbaugh’s hyper style of presentation? The over the top style makes it hard to “hear” the message. Citing a few experts or specific examples might have helped make the message more convincing.

  2. TryAgainBubba

    Dan, nice effort to rationalize your decision to drop out. Way easier than seeking professors who nurture creativity, require critical thinking, and hone their students’ abilities to present ideas clearly and effectively. Or did you find those professors and discover you didn’t really enjoy being told that your ideas were not supported by facts and were ineffectively presented? A university education is not about memorizing facts, and if that’s all you got out of your brief period on campus, then you truly did waste your time and your parents’ money. Good luck with your life.

  3. Dan

    He is right, some of the time – I’m an educator (named “Dan”, coincidentally). I do agree that the system isn’t doing it’s job. But if information IS free (it is), then the job at “school”, is to teach students how to learn (utilizing their strengths),how to filter out garbage, how to develop a personal set of ethics to fight for the (very real) battle of “good”, vs. “evil”, and the ability to act independently (our worst failure as a system). To believe Dan, is to dismiss great learners like Isaac Newton, who credited his learning to his predecessors. Dan is an arrogant child, with a couple of great thoughts. He looks stoned, by the way.

  4. KingsKnight1

    Information may be free, but knowledge, insight and wisdom require that you work with and learn from people who know more than you do. This kid is neither knowledgeable, insightfull nor wise. Good luck Dan. Find a good teacher and learn what he or she has to teach.Then go out and make something og yourself.

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