The Controversy Behind Teacher Unions and Tenure

We were emailed this graphic a little over a week ago from the people over at What are your thoughts about teacher tenure? Should it be completely removed? Should states still grant tenure, but make it far harder to obtain?



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3 responses to “The Controversy Behind Teacher Unions and Tenure

  1. Jon Shimeall

    It should be a states rights issue. The people of each state should decide.

  2. Faith Martin

    It truly is very simple. Teachers, like other people, should be judged by their performance. It is normal for about 5% of a class to struggle with their work or just not care enough to perform at an average level. This does not mean the teacher is at fault. But, when that number rises to 10%, a teacher should be re-appraised. If the lack of performance level rises above that level, the teacher, not the children are at fault, and he or she should be let go. There are exceptions to every rule, areas where school is just not a priority to a high number of children, and then it is up to the schools to figure that out, but those areas are the exception rather than the rule.

  3. Base tenure on a point system revolving around teacher evaluations. Once a newer teacher reaches a certain exceptional point level, grant tenure. Saying that, the point scale gradually moves up through one’s career and if they move below a certain defined range, they lose their tenure status.

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