It’s history and economics education, stupid!

by Andrew Palmer

For anyone that follows politics they know the famous James Carville quote, “It’s the economy, stupid.” As conservatives absorb and evaluate the reasons for the reelection of the Marxist in Chief Barack Obama, the one topic that I don’t think you will see discussed will be history and economics education.

People like to scream about our education system in America, but I think they always get it all wrong. It’s history and economics education, stupid!

For decades conservatives have been belly-aching over the state of our public education system. They are always besides themselves about how our kids can’t read, they can’t write, they suck at math, or how some stupid second world country is beating us on the PISA assessment. My response to these cries has always been to roll my eyes. It is not where the problem is!

The reason that 60 million Americans were willing to elect Barack Obama is because they know little to nothing about our country, it’s history, or the principles that created our constitutional republic. Is it any wonder that this has happened? Really since Reagan the focus on the right for education reform has constantly been on science, math, and English.

Well, guess what, science, math, and English are incomplete without the fourth core of history education. I have always viewed history education as the glue that binds all of the contents. It is the “why” of us. Without the why, the other three cores are meaningless.

If one is a truth seeking person they will discover through the study of our past that America is a great nation. They will see that America made some mistakes along the way, but the truth of the matter is that we have been responsible for more good than any other nation in the history of the world. I challenge you to find one better, it doesn’t exist.

The reason the average American, the 60 million dupes that voted for Obama, never respond to the accusation of him being a socialist or a Marxist is because they don’t know what these terms mean. I have heard many people respond to the question of “What is socialism?” with a response of something to do with talking to other people. In other words, socializing. An honest pursuit of the history of governance should cause one to realize that socialism doesn’t work, and it always ends up in a fiscal cliff. Just look at Europe!

If history education is bad, economics education in this country is utterly disgusting. The average American can’t differentiate between capitalism and socialism. You think they will be able to understand the difference between Keynes and Mises? I could fall out of my seat laughing at that one. Add in a poor understanding of personal economics and you have a real disaster. Is it any wonder that Dave Ramsey makes millions teaching people to not be stupid with their money? It’s no wonder we elect the politicians we do.

I know it’s easy to really get discouraged after last night, but I’m not a sunshine patriot, and I hope you aren’t either. The progressives have been able to brainwash Americans for the last 40 years through terrible history and economics education at the secondary and post-secondary levels. If you think it’s bad now, just wait until the history component of the Common Core State Standards emerges. It is my expectation that these standards will be used to further denigrate and destroy what is left of our constitutional republic.

Many people often confuse what makes this nation great. It is not it’s people. Heck, we proved that last night. There were 60 million people that voted for a guy that has absolutely no character, honor, or integrity. What makes us great is our constitution and its foundational political philosophy. Those ideas still exist. It is up to us, conservative teachers and citizens, to protect and spread those ideas. Remember, ideas are timeless, nations are not.

If conservatives really want to focus on the ills of our education system, history and economics education is the target.

Andrew Palmer is an English Language Arts public school teacher in Missouri. You can follow him on Twitter at @MoConservTchr. He is co-founder and editor of Conservative Teachers of America. 



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6 responses to “It’s history and economics education, stupid!

  1. FerJovi

    THANK YOU!!! As an 8th grade US History teacher, I am ALWAYS trying to convince my students that knowing HISTORY is the KEY to living and breathing and functioning as a citizen in our city, state and country. And I’m usually trying to convince administrators that kids who are behind don’t need 3 periods of math and 3 periods of language arts with NO science and history as a FIX for their problems…I contend that these kids NEED history (and science) so that they can compete in high school and so that they can start to think about their civic duties and responsibilities at an EARLY AGE. My “kids” know more about The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and the Electoral College and the Separation of Powers than most adults…WE NEED HISTORY TO BE A PRIORITY !!! Phew. I’m done preaching to the choir.

  2. Jacque

    I have been saying for years that we need to get personal economics in the schools and history has become a changing story. The left has stolen our children’s minds and they have become a democrat voting bloc.

  3. The first step is to oppose the “4×4” graduation plan (4 years of English, Science, History and Math) OR pay attention to what courses will satisfy those requirements. Personal economics or finance would be immensely more important and useful than Algebra II or Trigonometry. Pay attention to the objectives the state education board includes in the history courses. The released tests for W. Geography here in Texas include questions reflecting the green agenda (Why didn’t the U.S. adopt the Kyoto Agreement?). If you are a parent, be involved in the content of the courses your children are studying – you WILL need to supplement it, correct it, and explain it! I am a retired teacher (30+ yrs), and now home school my sophomore daughter – it’s the best choice for us.

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  6. Juan

    Oh yeah… those southern states that voted for Romney really have a great understanding of economics. Look at their average education level compared to the states that voted for Obama. Considering the southern states need federal funding the most to even function, they are basically voting against their own economic benefit by voting republican. Review federal money issued to those states compared to federal taxes paid by the residents of the same states. You will learn that the federal government pretty much financially supports those hopeless states. However, they still vote republican every election and continue to oppress themselves even with the threat of massive deficit reduction and reduced government benefits, which would financially cripple those states. Their vote is simply based on their conservative social values that are supported by the republican party. On the other hand, the more “liberal” states like California and New York contribute more in taxes to the federal government than they receive back. The majority of the population would actually benefit more from a reduced federal government since that would keep more money in the states themselves. Yet, they still vote democrat in every federal election, which costs the majority of residents more money in the end. The bottom line is that a high percentage of voters base their votes more on their social values related to each party rather than their fiscal beliefs. As people become more socially accepting to different types of people, democrats receive more and more votes. If the republicans stop having such a stern stance against any type of liberal social views (anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, anti-environmentalist, etc.), then people may begin to listen to the party in regards to economic beliefs, which would likely benefit republicans in gaining votes. A high percentage of Americans are actually more fiscally conservative than they realize and would probably lean toward reduced taxes and smaller government.

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