Part 1 of 5 Video Series: Stop the Common Core State Standards!

The American Principles Project, Concerned Women for America of Georgia and have prepared a five part youtube series about the Common Core State Standards.  Attorney Jane Robbins provides historical information about the standards, how they are not “state led” and how they will lead to a nationalized curriculum.

Please share these videos far and wide.


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One response to “Part 1 of 5 Video Series: Stop the Common Core State Standards!

  1. Al

    First off Ty to everyone involved with this. Second god bless Glenn Beck. Christel Swasey mentioned something of the sort of person or people commodity. Ok this the third time hearing this in the past two weeks. First time was in conversation I blew it off. Second time was on the radio a gentlemen calling in on the show mentioned people commodity by leveraging people’s birth certificates. The host kinda blew him off saying he never heard of such a thing. Now on Glenn’s show last night and after reading Glenn’s book I really believe things happen for a reason. On top off all that’s been going on do people think they could be something behind this. Thank you again for everyone’s work in saving this country.

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