Education reforms that are part of Agenda 21

Rosa Koire (Democrats Against Agenda 21) appeared on Glenn Back recently and discussed Agenda 21 and how it affects education.


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  1. Rosetta Bailey

    Rosa Korie has done a terrific job on getting the message out to as many people who will listen. Now we MUST do our part and spread the word and hopefully the listeners will go to the council meetings, school board meetings as we are loosing our Republic and our freedom.
    But Rosa’s book BEHIND THE GREEN MASK (it does not cost that much but it has a wealth of information) (gooble the ‘wildland project’it will clarify any and all the questions you may have on Agenda 21. Also a web site which I am part of is this is a group from the Pan Handle of Florida and with some donations it is out of their pocket. Dr. Michael Cottman is also great he stopped the Wildlands project when it was in congress look up his web site for info, also Michael Shaw has been working and researching Agenda 21 for over 20+ years, he has video’s on untube.
    p.s. Bill Gates on youtube telling the audience how he wants to depopulate the planet with vaccines, all in his own words and he has the formula to prove it.
    In the name of freedom please do the research and follow the above advise.

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