Bill Ayers Explains the Left’s Power is in the Classrooms

Education Action Group posted this video of radical, leftist, terrorist, friend-of-Obama Bill Ayers. In it he explains that the left’s real power is in the classrooms of our schools. As much as I hate this guy, he is actually right.  As long as we have universal public education in America, conservatives have to react to the truth Ayers is stating. This means any of the following: be an active parent, be active in your school board elections, run for school board, confront a liberal teacher who is indoctrinating your child, and know what your child is learning.



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8 responses to “Bill Ayers Explains the Left’s Power is in the Classrooms

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    God bless Bill Ayers who tried to stop the Vietnam War the US was lied (Tomkin Gulf) into by President Johnson. Ayers destroyed government property not lives to TRY to prick the American conscience to our crimes against Vietnam. We would not abide by the Geneva Convention that ended French colonialism and promised free elections because we knew that our BIG BUSINESS would lose.

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