Common Core is Doomed to Fail Due to Technological Change

by Andrew Palmer

All the establishment politicians and education “deformers” can continue to cram the Common Core State Standards down everyone’s throat, but in the end it will fail. I have really become fascinated with futurism lately. The world is changing at an amazing pace. What we are seeing in the political world is the “old-order” trying desperately to hang on to a world and governance structure that is becoming outdated and incompatible with technology. We don’t need more control, we need less, and we need people that understand the control element must come from themselves personally. had an article on February 8, 2013 called The World in 2033: Big Thinkers and Futurists Share Their Thoughts. The entire article is a must read, but the most pertinent part for our discussion comes from Shantanu Sinha, President and COO of Khan Academy.

On Education: Khan Academy

“Global Access: In twenty years, almost everyone on the planet will have access to the world’s best educational materials. Almost every subject will be available for free online. A child in Mongolia would be able to learn anything from Algebra to String Theory to Greek History.

Personalized learning: Students won’t be forced to learn in a “one-size-fits-all” model with everyone the same age learning the same thing at once. Rather, technology will allow the system to adjust to every student’s needs. A 35-year old would easily be able to brush up on Trigonometry. A 4th grader would be able to learn Algebra. Everyone will be able to focus on their own needs.

Interactive classrooms: Teachers will spend less time lecturing, and much more time mentoring. Classrooms will be highly engaging environments with almost all time spent on valuable human interactions (e.g., mentorship, peer tutoring) and more hands-on, cross-disciplinary, project-based learning.

Competency-based credentials: Students will be able to prove what they know, not by seat-time, but with competency-based credentials. An out-of-work 40 year old would not need to go back to school and pile up thousands of dollars of debt before employers took him seriously. Instead, he would be able to take an accounting course online for free, prove what he knows, and get a job.”

I contend the world is no longer top-down. Common Core supporters are just relics of the “old-order.” Sadly, before it is all said and done, these dinosaurs will waste countless dollars that could better be spent in the hands of American citizens that they were stolen from.

So I am left wondering, if Common Core is doomed to fail due to technological change, then what? What is the implication for education private or public? What should we be doing to ready ourselves for the day when the “old-order” fails and something must fill the inevitable void?


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  1. I am trying to square away the conflict between Gates, who supports both Khanacademy and Common Core Standards. Also, Khanacademy appears to use CC in its math training. Thoughts?

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