White House Hosts “Datapalooza” built on Common Core Tests

Christel Swasey has a great post over on COMMON CORE: Education Without Representation that is worth checking out. I am going to post it below in it’s entirety, and I wanted to add a little commentary afterward.

Did you see the recent view that  Missouri Education Watchdog has taken on “Datapalooza” at the White House?  Most telling is a pleasant sounding speech by eScholar CEO Shawn T. Bay, given at the White House, in which he states that although aggregate data (not individual) is useful, it’s most useful to look at the individual consumer or the individual student. He says, too, that  Common Core is so important to the open data movement, because it’s “the glue that actually ties everything together.”

Common Core tests begin in 2014.  The tests are to be the vehicle for the nationwide student data collection, both academic and nonacademic.  Without Common Core, the federal and corporate invasion of privacy could not be effective.  I do not think many people, including the speaker in this video, understand the underhanded (nonconsensual) alterations to privacy law of the Department of Education.

Here is the video.  http://youtu.be/9RIgKRNzC9U?t=9m5s

At about minute nine, he explains how the data push depends on Common Core State Standards.

Here’s the thing I don’t get, and here is why I really think why this should bug you. You don’t need a whole bunch of educational data in a big database to teach a child how to set goals. The government doesn’t need to retain all that data in a gigantic database to help a child set goals and fulfill those goals. So, not only are our kids going to feel like animals in a cage with this new one size fits all curriculum, they are going to be finely measured lab rats for companies like eScholar. Gee… I can’t wait to sign my kid up for this!



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2 responses to “White House Hosts “Datapalooza” built on Common Core Tests

  1. I’m commenting in the wrong post but it is related to Common Core. in a recent post you had mentioned the Longitudinal Data system and retinal scans and fingerprints. Are these just wishes or projections of what would be or is this actually happening? If so, could you provide citations/evidence of where it is occuring. It sounds too creepy to be realty and yet it likely is…I just need evidence to know if it is actually truth. So please if you can send it my way….much appreciated and keep up the good work!

    • maggie

      Glenn Becks program covers the Governments own documents really well… and yes, it’s in there! there is alot of info on the site “CC Education without Representation” the more you research, it is scary. Do lots of research

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