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If you look on our About page, you will find this statement, “Conservative Teachers of America is a place for conservatives, both teachers and concerned citizens, to speak out on education related issues.”

We are always looking for new content!

So, on that note, WE NEED YOU! If you are a conservative parent, teacher, school board member, or just a concerned citizen, and you have something to say with regards to education please contact us at ConservativeTeachersofAmerica@Gmail.com. We are especially looking for pieces from teachers on great classroom practices, and we are always looking for people that want to help with our book reviews.


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  1. Jennifer Printz

    Hi there, my brother sent this great post to me today regarding what 8th graders were required to know in 1912.  Perhaps you can get permission to post.

    Jennifer Printz

  2. School workers and School districts put money in a fund which gets invested. The money that is raised goes towards paying retirement benefits. The benefit payments are guaranteed by the state. The problem is there are no guarantees when it comes to the market. When these retirement fund investments under-perform, sufficient money is not generated to meet the states obligation to retirees. This risk a reality that every private sector investor is exposed to. How can it be that state workers can pay into a program that uses the same markets to generate revenues, but be exempt from the inherent risk in investing? Answer: Whatever gap exists between the total due to retirees and the amount of money available to pay them, is covered directly by the taxpayer. Now consider the following statement from the PSEA website… “His (Corbett’s) proposal also includes a risky 401(k)-type plan that will decrease benefits for new members by 36 percent.” These union thugs intend to use the force of government in order escape risk on the backs of every wage earner in society. Sadly, the workers themselves buy into this immorality and swallow the union propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

  3. Are you aware of the crisis in PA public education? PSEA, the Pennsylvania Teachers Union produces a massive amount of propaganda about how budget cuts are destroying our public schools. They are banking on the fact that you will never look at the numbers. Well I did. I can sum up the budget issue in two paragraphs, in a way that anyone can understand.

    From 2000 – 2012 public school revenue was NEVER lower than the previous year. The crisis the public school system faces is not due to cuts in funding. THERE WERE NO CUTS. The crisis exists because a larger and larger portion of the funds are being used, not to teach kids, but to pay public school retirees under the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS). PSERS unfunded liabilities have a number of causes: cheif among them is the financial crisis of 2008. In 2008 and 2009, PSERS lost $15 Billion when the market crashed. Public sector education workers expect the taxpayer to full the gap with their latest propaganda campaign calling for state government to “Keep the Promise.” I shouldn’t need to tell you, in this case, government keeping it’s promise equates massive tax hikes.

    Total revenue for PA public schools in 2011 – 2012 was $26,942,150,650.17. $1,004,584,000 of that went directly to PSERS, an increase of 34.45% from the previous year. Employer contributions to PSERS in 2013 – 2014 are projected to skyrocket to $2,322,796,000, a massive increase of 131.22%. The following year, $3,000,753,000. That’s it. Note: The projections presume an 7.5% rate of return investments. PSERS’ rate of return for fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 was 3.43%.

  4. PSEA Misleading Accusation: “For the third consecutive year, Gov. Tom Corbett proposed a state budget that fails Pennsylvania’s students, ignores the school funding crisis he created, and uses public school students as bargaining chips to achieve an ideological agenda. ” Fact: The amount of money spent by PA public schools has dropped below the previous year’s spending levels only once. 2010 – 2011 total spending was $26,785,276,711.40. In 2011 – 2012 total spending was $26,637,190,152.05 (a decrease of $148,086,559.35) PSEA touts state funding decreases over 1 billion yet fails to show that overall school spending has remained nearly unchanged, and is projected to rise. “Corbett…uses public school students as bargaining chips to achieve an ideological agenda.” In my opinion this is the pot calling the kettle black.

  5. In many places in PA, teachers can be denied employment if they do not agree to pay union dues. The union calls this practice “Fair Share” Fees. In a recent article from the PSEA “Voice” Magazine, W. Gerard Oleksiak, (PSEA Vice President) said, “Fair share is just what it says: it’s fair to pay for what you get. Fair share is a fee for actual services; nothing more, nothing less.”

    What backward twisted rationale!! That is only true if there is choice. Without the option to abstain without penalty, there is no choice. In such a situation someone is being forced to pay for services they may not want. That is decidedly unfair. That is extortion.

  6. Government unions are unremarkable today, but the labor movement once thought the idea absurd. Public sector unions insist on laws that serve their interests — at the expense of the common good. The founders of the labor movement viewed unions as a vehicle to get workers more of the profits they help create. Government workers, however, don’t generate profits. They merely negotiate for more tax money.

    “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.” That wasn’t Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul, or Ronald Reagan talking. That was George Meany — the former president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O — in 1955.

  7. PSEA used union dues—at least $21,000 worth—to support the recall effort against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Way to go teachers…In just two years Walker managed to eliminate a 3.6 BILLION dollar deficit without raising taxes. What a monster. How did he do it? Walker understood from his years as Milwaukee County Executive that such changes could not occur without dramatic reforms of collective bargaining for public employee unions. So he proposed them, and Republicans in the state legislature made them law. The reforms also ended compulsory union membership.

  8. PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) boasts more than 187,500 members, an annual income of more than $85 million, and 286 full-time employees working in Harrisburg and at 13 regional offices. The PSEA has nine full-time lobbyists earning an average salary of $125,957.

    Matthew J. Brouillette, a former teacher and school board member, is president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation “The PSEA agenda is costly to taxpayers, particularly homeowners. The union’s success in lobbying policymakers and bargaining for increasingly expensive contracts has driven up local property taxes by 89% (after adjusting for inflation) from 1988-2007. And while taxes and teachers’ salaries have soared (Pennsylvania public educators are the fourth-highest paid in the nation after adjusting for cost-of-living), our students’ 2008 SAT scores rank a lowly 43rd in the nation.” http://www.commonwealthfoundation.org/research/detail/the-psea-a-worm-in-the

  9. Did you know that in PA, ~75% of all public school workers have to pay union dues as a prerequisite of employment even if they don’t join the union.

  10. The Voice is PSEA’s (PA State Education Association) online magazine. Just glance through this November 2012 issue – just before the election – and remember every single dollar that funds this enormous political machine known as a teacher’s union is funded by taxpayers. That’s right. Teacher’s in PA are paid entirely out of tax revenue – mostly local property tax – Union dues are mandatory for 75% of PA state school employees – even if they don’t join the union. That means that every union due dollar is extracted by force from the community and funneled into the PSEA coffers. In fact taxpayers even bear the clerical cost of extracting dues from paychecks – the district does if for them automatically – they don’t even have to pay to collect their own dues! I’ve said it before, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, every PA property owner supports the Democratic party financially as a result of forced union dues. Take for these stats for instance: In Camp Hill, PA, over the last 4 years: School District Spending has increased $2.5 Million dollars Teacher/Admin. salaries have increased 16% Property taxes have increased 25% “…Spending on political activities and lobbying for the state’s largest government union, the Pennsylvania State Education Association, jumped 60 percent in just one year, from $2.6 million in 2009-10 to $4.2 million in 2010-11. And this money comes from union members’ dues, unlike the separate contributions workers make voluntarily to unions’ political action committees. That means the PSEA and other unions spend money on politics its members may disagree with, such as the $21,000 the PSEA burned to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. PSEA is a tax funded – politically motivated organization which only cares about a small portion of society – the teachers and school employees. The rest of us, well we just pay the bills.

  11. Union dues as a condition of employment amounts to bullying and creates an atmosphere within the public school system that is hostile to teachers with political and social ideologies outside the progressive left. THIS IS BY DESIGN – for who would choose to work in a public school system where they are forced to pay dues to an organization who’s very existence diametrically apposes their moral and world views? Of course, under such conditions, the schools will become awash in pro union democrats when union dues are a condition of employment. Remember…In 2012 public sector unions gave 13.9 million to Democrats and less than 1 million to Republicans. Sadly many public sector workers are forced to pay union dues even if they do not join. They have no say when it comes to how unions spend that money. It is quite clear that taxpayers, under this arrangement – no matter what their political affiliation, directly fund the democratic party.

  12. Ever wonder where union dues go? A large portion—45 percent—is spent on overhead, including paying for “luxury conferences, golf outings, and politics,” as well as cushy union salaries. National Education Association president Dennis van Roekel’s $460,000 annual salary is financed by teachers’ union fees.

  13. Thanks to public sector unions like AFSCME, PSEA, and SEIU, the Pennsylvania public sector employee pension system has unfunded liabilities totaling over $40 billion. PA taxpayers are responsible for another $16 billion to cover state retiree healthcare costs. Government unions are not negotiating for a share of the profits. They negotiate for a larger and larger share of tax dollars. Government unions make political contributions and therefore have a say in who sits on the other side of the table during the negotiations. This leaves taxpayers without a seat at the table and stuck picking up the bill for a public sector aristocracy where the pay and benefits outstrip anything in the private sector of the economy.

    “All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service…The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives…” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, August 16, 1937

  14. I agree with teachers unions on one key topic. The state certainly is a beast from which we must be protected. The problem with teachers unions is that they only care about protecting a small fraction of society. In order to fund their excursions aimed at ensuring the state turns over a sufficiently high percentage of its plunder to its members, it must take some for itself as well. In short it must encourage the state to increase its aggression towards the rest of society. Oddly those who supposedly deserve this special protection from the state are the individuals who voluntarily sought employment with it. It would seem that the state workers’ need for protection is nothing more than a ruse that allows them to join forces with the state, to plunder its subjects. Teachers and all state employees, in this light, become nothing more than appendages of the beast that devours the producing class. The only moral method of education is the private market. Not only does a privately run school not rely on theft, it has proven itself more effective at producing learned students.

  15. That’s everything I’ve ever posted on FB about public sector unions. Feel free to use it.

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