Education takes on many forms in America; private, home school, and public education. Conservatives exist in every form of education delivery. Conservative teachers often feel marginalized in the profession. Believing that they are in the minority or that they do not have a voice, they often remain silent and do not speak out. Conservative Teachers of America is a place for conservatives, both teachers and concerned citizens, to speak out on education related issues.

Areas of Focus:

  • Give conservative teachers a voice.
    • Publish articles from conservatives in education
    • Encourage dialogue, think American Thinker for conservatives about education, not all conservatives are going to agree, but they can disagree respectfully.
  • Encourage teachers to leave the NEA and AFT and join professional teacher organizations.
  • Advocate for local control of schools
  • Encourage opposition to Common Core State Standards
  • Promote quality professional development in the classroom.
  • Encourage conservatives to be informed on and involved with public education.
  • Promote history education that demonstrates the truth about America, both good and bad.
  • Review and promote good young adult literature.
  • Promote freedom of conscience inside of our schools

What does it mean to be a conservative?

Conservative is a word with a lot of definitions. The media and the American political left enjoys bottling us up into this little envelope, but the reality is there is a huge difference among conservatives in thought and beliefs. As a whole, we undoubtedly encompass 40% of the American people, and realistically 50-60% of the American people have conservative tendencies.

Conservatives are accused of being closed-minded, hating those that are not like us, and not believing in any positive change or progress. This perception is completely inaccurate. What really matters is the core of American conservatism. For us that is love of country, love of the constitution, an understanding of our history (both good and bad), support of republicanism, support of the rule of law, a belief in smaller government, and a preservation of the revolutionary spirit that completely changed the Western world.

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Interested in writing for us? Please submit any articles to conservativeteachersofamerica@gmail.com

Oh, one last thing, we get this every once-in-awhile on this page in a comment. If you are dumb enough to think we are funded by the Koch brothers please save your energy, we won’t approve the comment. Why don’t you go find some George Soros funded blog to read.

15 responses to “About

  1. Craig Klumb

    Thank You for this.

  2. Harry

    Great site. Interesting articles and statements. As an educator ( I left public education) I have served in both the classroom and as a leader. Completely agree that ALL need to be held accountable for results. Administrators are not doing their job either (many don’t have the stomach/knowledge/motivation for taking on an ineffective teacher). I can honestly say that unions have been the most destructive force in education reform. Keep up the good work. I am glad that you are out there!

  3. As a conservative teacher, thank you so much for all you do to support us!

  4. Eric

    For years, I’ve been conflicted about my role as an educator and the liberal bias that surrounds me. At last, I find that I am not alone out there.

  5. Hey, Teach

    I often feel like the only Conservative in all of public, secondary education. So this site is a welcomed reprieve. An effort to represent Conservative educators long over due; thank you for taking the initiative.

  6. Christina B

    Hello, I’m not a teacher but I’m a conservative. I came across the site by using google. I’m wanting to educate myself / refesh on American History. I was looking for a CONSERVATIVE High School / College textbook on line. Can someone recommend one that they like.

  7. Michael Paul Goldenberg

    Gee, this must be how closeted gays feel.

  8. Christina B

    Was this directed to me? I was just wanting a textbook for myself. I’m a person in their 30’s wanting to refresh myself on American History. I figured a textbook “type” would flow easier. The books I have come across left out many important things like things about the Vietnam war, very biased against Ronald Reagan etc. Some topics they would cover so much on one thing and not enough on others. Just wanted to get some texts that educators liked that were not so biased.

  9. Jill

    As a former educator and current Vice Chairman of the Loudoun County, VA School Board, I am delighted to see an organization such as this. As I began my quest for election in 2011, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many educators were conservative. My husband, who is a teacher as well, was also approached by several teachers as they followed my campaign of conservative principles, fiscal responsibility, and support of public education. Who knew that these could be combined?!? The more that we speak up, the more we will find that we are not alone. I currently serve on a board that is primarily made up of conservative-minded individuals, many of whom have a personal tie to the school system, either by being former educators, or by marriage to an educator. There ARE conservative educators out there! Please keep up the good work. I would love to become more involved in this organization…There is much work to be done.

  10. Katie

    Glad I finally found a website that brings conservative teachers together! I’m so tired of being surrounded by liberals.

  11. Gini Mack

    When I clicked on your link on Facebook I received this message: Trend Micro: This website was classified as abusive. Just thought you’s like to know.

  12. I noticed the video involving Dr. Christopher Tienken from Seton Hall. Caution: Dr. Tienken is FAR from conservative. In fact, he is one of the biggest proponents of a progressive education – to the point where he discourages any form of conservative education. His views are often seen as socialist in nature – don’t be fooled.

  13. Susan Blake

    Great site, we really do have the freedom to teach conservative values. I teach the truth about history as it is taught in the Bible, the truth about immigrants, the truth about obama, and my students know that we would be better off with no federal government at all because there is nothing that cannot be handled at the state level. It is our duty to inform students of the correct way to think about social issues, such as gay marriage, the myth that pollution causes climate change, etc. So many people have different views on these things, the teacher must be the one to teach the truth.

  14. A. Alex

    I’m currently take a couple of education classes on line for an additional teaching certification. After watching the “educational” videos and articles assigned by the uber liberal instructor and reading all the posts of my equally liberal classmates, I feel like just getting out of teaching all together. For those of you that may understand, I live in Wisconsin!!
    Thank you for giving me hope that I’m not alone!

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