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Schools for Subversion: How Public Education Lays the Foundation for University of Radicalism

H/T to Mary Grabar of DissidentProf.com

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@DaveRamsey’s Custom College Guide Featuring @RachelCruze

Dave Ramsey is probably the most prominent conservative “teacher” in all of America. This was highlighted on the Dave Ramsey Facebook page yesterday, and we wanted to promote it a little bit.

Dave Ramsey’s Custom College Guide will show you how to go to college debt free! This customized book features the colleges you’ve chosen and lays out financial help you qualify for. It compares up to six of your top college choices. You’ll see the total cost of each school compared side-by-side so you can make the most informed decision.

It also teaches you the difference between the different types of financial aid—which ones to take advantage of (because they’re free money!) and which ones to stay away from (because you have to pay back loans!). We will help you understand exactly what you are signing up for.

Check it out here.


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College Students Chant ‘Karl Marx’ ‘Socialism’ At Obama Victory Rally

Useful idiots…

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An Open Letter to Educators

This is a very interesting video. The young man pictured in it points out some interesting points about our schools, especially our colleges. We would love to know what you think?


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College Students Forced to Think Critically About Affirmative Action (and it’s not pretty)

We have posted videos before from ExposingLeftists.com before. Another one was recently released, this time they ask college students to consider affirmative action. They asked students to sign a petition to enforce affirmative action on the sports team. Imagine this? They don’t. Then they are asked to explain why they support it in academics and the workforce, but not in sports. The result? As you might guess, confusion.


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Circus Continues in Missouri Regarding UMKC/UMSL Labor Studies Course

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College Students Don’t Want to Sign Pledge for National Debt

Students go through 4 years of history in high school and then go on to college, depending on the state, they are required more history credits. But these college students are obviously too uninformed to understand that the national debt is their burden, too. It’s not reading, science, and mathematics that is our problem in this country; it’s social studies education.

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