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Who are the educational experts and theorists?

By Karen Schroeder, President of Advocates for Academic Freedom

Although college professor Noel Ignatieve has issued a call to abolish the white race, he is one of many anti-American professors who prepare college students to become teachers. In 1950, William Buckley, Jr. published God and Man at Yale to warn the public about philosophical agendas that would change the purpose of our educational system. Who are these people who influence teachers and students?

Despite organizing Marxist discussion groups, being arrested for throwing paint bombs, and lacking credentials, Noel Ignatieve was accepted by Harvard into the Graduate School of Education. He became a Harvard faculty member, joined the Communist Party USA, formed the Provisional Organizing Committee to Reconstitute the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (POC), and became involved in Students for a Democratic Society. He became part of the Maoist New Communist Movement before becoming a professor at the Massachusetts College of Art. He is the co-founder and co-editor of the journal Race Traitor which displays the motto, “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.”

Another is Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922-January 27, 2010), a progressive American historian and social activist. During his tenure as a political science professor at Boston University, he wrote A People’s History of the United States to depict the struggles of Native Americans and African Americans against their oppressors, the American colonists. His goal is to “rewrite history books to eliminate the oppressors and to honor the champions of equality and justice.” The book takes a stand against European and US conquests and expansion, capitalists, and capitalism.

These ideologies are shared by a significant number of professors including William Ayers and Cathy Wilkerson who were Weather Underground members and by Marxist professors Eric Gutstein, David Michael Smith, and Jeanne Lorentzen. Mara Sapon-Shevin, professor of inclusion education at Syracuse University, refused to place her daughter in a gifted education program because “I would never have wanted to raise a child who thought that she was better or smarter than other people.” Is there any wonder that our students are not excelling academically?

Many are concerned that anti-American philosophy occurs in the new standards for social studies curricula and in textbooks used across the US. Policies that were touted as essential to promote tolerance now infiltrate colleges with anti-American staff and agendas to silence opposing views. Ward Connolly, Carol Swain, and Mason Weaver are conservative blacks who have been shouted down and robbed of their first amendment rights by college students who did not believe tolerance should be granted to conservative views.

Either Americans continue surrendering their children and tax dollars to the perpetuation of anti-American educational programs that destroy their republic and their freedoms, or Americans will demand that the federal government get out of education and return funding to local governments. Citizens must insist that pro-American standards are supported by all professors and curricula, that college professors provide full resumes, and that lists of required reading materials be supplied for each course so that students, alumni and contributors know exactly what their contributions are supporting.

Karen Schroeder is the President of Advocates for Academic Freedom (AAF) which is a proponent for a return to fact-based curricula, accountability, and academic excellent in public education. Karen was appointed to the Governor’s Educational Communications Board on May 1, 2012.  She provides seminars designed to inform and motivate citizens to reclaim their responsibility to become involved in the decisions made at the local and state levels of the educational system. Karen is regularly interviewed by Wisconsin radio personalities. 

With a BA degree in education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education, Ms. Schroeder has taught in suburban public schools for thirty-six years. During her teaching career, she became a free-lance writer to provide citizens with information revealing the impact of social and political policies on the educational system. Her works are published in the Eau Claire Journal and numerous other newspapers across Wisconsin.

As an education consultant, Ms. Schroeder provides seminars and campaign training programs to political candidates. 

Among other projects, AAF donates conservative current-events materials to libraries of public schools. 

Karen can be reached by responding to this submission or by calling 715-234-5072.

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Students Won’t Redistribute GPA?

The Democrats, the youth, and many educators in America are screaming about taxing the rich and redistributing the wealth. Because it’s those evil rich that are hurting us all! (A small caveat here, there are some super-rich folks like George Soros who are seriously causing harm to this country, but you won’t hear the left crow about them. It’s not their wealth that’s the problem, it’s their actions.) Here we see a bunch of college students that won’t redistribute their GPA? The principal is the same. 88% of American millionaires are first-generation, there’s no theft in American society from the lower class, it’s actually the other way around. Facts are stubborn things.

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What’s a Dad to do?

Saw this father on Glenn Beck last week. Pretty interesting story of a teacher out of control in the classroom. It is nice to see a parent standing up for what is right, too often many parents are not involved in their child’s education.

It’s OK to talk about political issues, it’s not OK to advocate a political position and to disrespect your students views like this. As a teacher we should be there to further debate, encourage civic involvement, and encourage the exchange of ideas.

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