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High School History Education #Fail

You will find the recurring urge to laugh, but it is overshadowed by the urge to pick your computer monitor up and hurl it across the room. History is the one content that we have paid no attention to, have expected no accountability in, and we will suffer the consequences as a nation.

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Why Soaking the Rich Won’t Work

Milton Friedman should be taught in every social studies classroom in America. This video speaks for itself. The more things change the more the tired, worn out, old arguments of the left and looters remain the same.

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College Students Don’t Want to Sign Pledge for National Debt

Students go through 4 years of history in high school and then go on to college, depending on the state, they are required more history credits. But these college students are obviously too uninformed to understand that the national debt is their burden, too. It’s not reading, science, and mathematics that is our problem in this country; it’s social studies education.

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