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Runaway Slave: A Documentary All Americans Should See

by Andrew Palmer

I was recently browsing recommended titles on Netflix and was excited to see that Runaway Slave was available to stream. If you are not familiar with the movie, I would encourage you to check it out. runaway

This documentary stars Reverend C. L. Bryant as he treks across the country looking at the entitlement society that America has created. The overarching message in the movie is that we have made great progress on slavery based upon race, but in many parts of the country we have replaced that racial slavery with a slavery of the mind. Inside of the criticism of the entitlement society is a brave look at racial issues that all Americans need to talk and think about.

Here is a preview:


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Schools for Subversion: How Public Education Lays the Foundation for University of Radicalism

H/T to Mary Grabar of DissidentProf.com

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College Students Chant ‘Karl Marx’ ‘Socialism’ At Obama Victory Rally

Useful idiots…

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Andrew Klavan: Why Cronyism isn’t Capitalism @andrewklavan

Andrew Klavan is an author all conservatives and conservative teachers should be aware of. Why? Because he is a young adult author! His recent YA series, The Homelanders, is full of patriotic ideas and values. If we don’t start communicating to teens through culture, conservatism will die, and America will become something resembling Europe.

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Life Without Capitalism via @TFAS_tweet

The Fund for American Studies has released this excellent video, Life Without Capitalism. This stir an engaging conversation with your high school history/economics students.

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The Socialist Revolution via Education

Interesting video…

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An Open Letter to Educators

This is a very interesting video. The young man pictured in it points out some interesting points about our schools, especially our colleges. We would love to know what you think?


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Teachers union brags about Walker recall indoctrination

This video comes from Kyle Olson’s Education Action Group. The truth has no agenda, and it becomes quite apparent in the course of this five minute clip. We are tempted to say it is hilarious, and it is at times, until you start to consider that these individuals are actually in classrooms with children. Parents in Wisconsin schools need to take the next step and start to “recall” some of these worthless educators through their school boards.

Isn’t it fun to see the sunlight shined on cockroaches!?

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UPDATED: North Carolina Teacher yells at student because of a question he asked about Obama!

Parents, if you have a kid that sits in a classroom like this, give them a recording device and tell them to hit record.. This comes out of North Carolina and shows you how political indoctrination occurs in our classrooms. Kudos to the young man for doing this. A classroom should be a safe place for ideas to be exchanged; it is not a place for an adult bully to push a political agenda and yell down a student who disagrees.

The original news article this comes from:

Video stirs debate on teacher’s actions in North class

Update 5/21/2012: The teacher in question has been suspended by her district. Once again, parents, do not lay idly by as your kids are treated this way. When they start seeing this happen, change will come.


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@YAF GPA Redistribution Video

The Young America’s Foundation has released a video from their GPA Redistribution Video Contest. What is maybe most telling about this video is how those in the lower grade brackets so willingly sign the redistribution petition. Disgustingly, they do so with a smile on their face. There is no difference between those individuals and those in this country that will happily redistribute income. What they don’t realized is that they have more in common with a common thief on the street than people of character.

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